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The Cambrian Explosion - The Dawning of a New Era in Banking

This webinar was originally delivered on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.


  • John Maxfield, Senior Banking Specialist, The Motley Fool
  • Jonathan Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer, nCino (Moderator)


About the Webinar:

The year 2006 marked the dawn of a new era in banking. A decades-long decline in interest rates was ending. The days of indiscriminate consolidation were over. A financial crisis loomed on the horizon. How would banks respond? What would they do with the empires they built? At first, like the gradual progress of biological evolution, only a few banks seemed to grasp the magnitude of change underway. Then COVID-19 struck, rendering delivery systems and decision-making processes obsolete. To stay competitive in this new era of banking, one must understand that change and how America's best banks are confronting it.


Join us for an engaging webinar with John Maxfield, Senior Banking Specialist at The Motley Fool. He will reveal how his studies, informed by history and insights from many of America's most celebrated bankers, offer an exploration about how the banking industry has arrived at our current moment, and where it's likely to go from here.

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